Don Lemon

Don Lemon Agrees With Bill O’Reilly’s Rant Against Black People

According to Lemon, Black kids pulling up their pants will help solve the country's racial woes

by Huffington Post, July 29, 2013

Don Lemon

Don Lemon

Don Lemon came under fire on Saturday when he said that he agreed with Bill O'Reilly's comments about Black people.

O'Reilly recently went on a rant about problems in the Black community, which he blamed on "the disintegration of the African-American family," "the drug situation" and the entertainment industry for promoting "gangsta culture." MSNBC's Chris Hayes later slammed the comments as "super racist."

Lemon, however, seemed to be of a different mind on the matter. After re-playing a clip of O'Reilly's remarks on Saturday, he agreed with the Fox News host, saying, "He’s got a point. In fact, he’s got more than a point…In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough." "Black people, if you really want to fix the problem, here's just five things that you should think about doing," Lemon continued.

Those five things, he said, were hiking up their pants, finishing school, not using the n-word, taking care of their communities and not having children out of wedlock.

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