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Blair Holt: Gone, But Never Forgotten

Blair Holt: Gone, But Never Forgotten

The parents of a slain Chicago teen refuse to let his death be in vain

by Glenn Minnis, April 22, 2013

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Blair Holt: Gone, But Never Forgotten

Blair Holt

enter into the world of law enforcement so that she may serve and protect all the Blair Holts of the world. 

Ronald and Anne Nance-Holt still struggle each day to overcome their pain. But at least now, given all the wondrous work they’ve done in their son's name and memory, they’re coming to a level of closure that they could have never imagined in 2007. 

“Blair’s death,” reflected Ronald Holt, “actually became the spark that lit the flame for organizations across America to really move to action. He would be proud.”

Glenn Minnis is a sports and culture writer who has contributed to the likes of ESPN, Vibe and the NFL Magazine. He has also been on staff at AOL Sports, the Chicago Tribune and was the founding sports editor for 360HipHop.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @glennnyc.



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