Harlem Reacts to the New “Harlem Shake”

Harlem Reacts to the New “Harlem Shake”

A viral dance trend rubs the famed neighborhood's residents the wrong way

by #teamEBONY, February 20, 2013

The new viral dance trend may share a name with the famous Harlem dance move, but that's about it...

The Harlem Shake originated in 1981 and is credited to a local celebrity by the name of Al B., who performed the dance at basketball games. It first gained some national attention in 2001, when it appeared in then-Bad Boy artist G.Dep's "Let's Get It" video. Twelve years later, thanks to a terrible dance track from a Brooklyn hipster, there's a viral video craze named for the dance…and the people of Harlem aren't amused. 

Check out Colorlines' great takedown of the 2013 "Harlem Shake," which seems to be all shake and no Harlem, and watch this priceless reaction video from residents of the famous 'hood. 

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