Has the National Bar Association Turned Its Back on Black LGBT Lawyers?
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29 states to discriminate based on sexual orientation and in 37 states to do so based on gender identity and expression. Without the same legal protections, Black LGBT people are some of our nation’s most vulnerable. African American same-sex couples, for instance, earn a lower annual income than their white same-sex and Black heterosexual counterparts.

“The NBA is a large and influential voice and community of African American judges and lawyers, and this was an incredible opportunity to call upon its members, constituents, and all legal professionals to advocate for a more fair, equal and inclusive organization and nation,” adds Garry Bevel, a Black openly gay former prosecutor & Guardian ad Litem/GAL lawyer. “The more our Black leaders and influencers make disability, sexual orientation and gender identity inclusion a priority, the stronger our legal system and families will be.”

Kimberley McLeod is a D.C.-based freelance writer and LGBT advocate. She serves as the Director of Communications/Press Secretary at the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC). She is also the creator and editor of Elixher.com, a resource for multidimensional representations of Black LGBT women.