"How and Why I Became an LGBT Ally"

"How and Why I Became an LGBT Ally"

Journalist and activist Kellee Terrellon why she believes in equality for all

by Kellee Terrell, July 10, 2013

"How and Why I Became an LGBT Ally"

is not nearly enough. 

But I want to be clear: Being an ally doesn’t mean you have to be a writer, or work at an LGBT organization or even go to a Gay Pride Parade. Doing the work means engaging people in your life to know better so that they can do better.

It can be as simple as correcting someone when they unfairly blame AIDS on "the DL" or teaching your kids to respect other children who are different than them. Being an ally can be walking out in the middle of a sermon at church because your pastor continues to spew hatred or standing up for LGBT family member at a family picnic. 

It’s these small and large acts of kindness that make all of the difference and are desperately needed. So who's willing to join me?

Kellee Terrell is an award-winning Chicago-based freelance writer who writes about race, gender, health and pop culture. Her articles and interviews have been featured in Essence, The Body, The Advocate, The Root, BET.com, Glamour, Al Jazeera and The Huffington Post. 


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