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The Mayor, The Hero
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soul mate.

EBONY: And what are you looking for in a soul mate?  You know, when you're young, you have these long lists, but when you get older it’s just like, are they breathing? [Laughs]  But, I want somebody that has a deep reverence for God and compassion for other people at their core and doesn't take themselves or me too seriously. Someone who is just a positive person.

EBONY: Will you ever run for President of the United States?

CB:  Well, they say that the way to make God laugh is to make plans for yourself. But if you asked me in 1996 if I’d be running for mayor of Newark, I wouldn’t have believed you, so you just never know. But am I planning a run for President? No.  My goal and my hope is that I'm living on purpose; that's more important than position.

EBONY: What do you hope your legacy will be?

CB: Well, it's not about me and my legacy is not personalizing it my hope is that when I'm finished being mayor I'd like for our city to set the national example for urban transformation. In 2006, Newark was crime ridden and now people are looking to it for hope.  People weren’t investing in our city and now we’ve got the biggest Parks expansion and the most economic development since the 1950s.  In the worst housing market bubble, we've still been able to double the amount affordable housing production.

The city is making incredible strides and people can really see now that in Newark, hope is on the horizon.  l want Newark to be an emblem of change in this country.

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