Political Jonesâ Life Is a Song for his Mama

Political Jones’ Life Is a Song for his Mama

The nationally syndicated radio host and political blogger Leroy Jones, Jr., credits his late mother for all of his success

Political Jonesâ Life Is a Song for his Mama

thing every time.  

But I am a reflection of my mama and Leroy Jones, Sr.  My father taught me strength and my mother taught me compassion.  So, if I’m seen as a good man, then my parents raised me right. As Mother‘s Day comes up, [being on EBONY.com] is like the greatest Mother’s Day gift because she loved EBONY.  My first reaction when I found out I was going to be interviewed was, “I’ve got to call my mama!” She would’ve been so proud.  But both of my parents were able to tell me that they are proud of me as a man and who I’ve become and nothing could make me feel as good as knowing that.

You can catch-up with Leroy Jones every week on The PoliticalJones Show and The PoliticalJones Report, available on-air or 24/7 on PoliticalJones.com.

Brooke Obie writes the award-winning blog DCDistrictDiva.com. Follow her on Twitter @DCDistrictDiva.



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