James Brown, Whitewashed?

James Brown, Whitewashed?

The Huffington Post's Gregory Howard writes on how the entire creative team behind the James Brown biopic was White

by Huffington Post, August 4, 2014

James Brown, Whitewashed?

Stay on the scene/Like a sex machine...

There were several meetings. Eight White men and two White women. Was this a meeting of the Mormon Glee Club? The New White Citizens Council? Perhaps a Klan meeting? No. That meeting was the creative team for the new James Brown movie, "Get On Up."

Welcome to post-racial Hollywood where if you host a fundraiser for Barack Obama, you're freed of the burden of hiring Black writers. And where a rich wWhite producer can jokingly declare, "I'm Black."

Indeed, all the producers, writers, and the director of the James Brown movie are White. No Black people were hired until a few weeks before the cameras started rolling, the actors. In fact, several of the people involved in this whitewash are British. The Brits have a fetish for Black projects.

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