Jonathan Ferrell: Supposed to Die?

Jonathan Ferrell: Supposed to Die?

[OPINION] Jamilah Lemieux reflects on the right to Black life, as yet another unarmed Black man is killed at the hands of the police

Jamilah Lemieux

by Jamilah Lemieux, September 16, 2013

Jonathan Ferrell: Supposed to Die?

Jonathan Ferrell: Black, beautiful and gone too soon.

unconvinced that we are unlikely to hear another story just like this before the Fall leaves give way to snow.

News of Ferrell’s killing broke as I sat in a Paris airport ending my first trip to France. Throughout my weeklong excursion, a line from Jay Z and Kanye’s 2012 hit with the title that you don’t say in mixed company played over in my head: “We ain’t supposed to be here.” I can’t help but to wonder…just where are we supposed to be? For Jonathan Ferrell, it certainly wasn’t North Carolina. It wasn’t knocking on a neighbor’s door and expecting to be treated with some level of human kindness after surviving a car wreck.

Perhaps he wasn’t supposed to be alive after all.

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