Attorney Daryl Parks Speaks

Attorney Daryl Parks Speaks

Makkada B. Selah catches up with one of the attorney's for the late teen's parents

by Makkada B. Selah, June 18, 2013

Attorney Daryl Parks Speaks

Tracy Martin (from left) father of Trayvon Martin, attorney Daryl Parks and Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin enter Seminole County courthouse

who initiated the interaction that happened. The full body of the evidence will clearly, clearly show who is at fault...there’s no question that Zimmerman killed Trayvon.

EBONY: How much longer do you think the jury selection is going to take?

DP:Man, we were just talking about that. If today was any indication, we know for sure that the process of jury selection is going to keep going up until at least Tuesday.

EBONY: The potential jurors that are coming back are going to be asked further questions. What’s the nature of the questions they’ll be asked?

DP:What you saw this week was just questioning on trial publicity. That was not a full voir dire [questioning of potential jurors, so now they’re going to move into the full jury selection and that opens it up to everything. There are so many questions you can ask a person to find out if they have some kind of bias. Especially in a case like this one. And the lawyers are aware that there’s a certain type of person that just wants to say things to get on the jury.

EBONY: There are still some people left that you haven’t questioned at all. Right?

DP:That’s correct.

EBONY: The judge says the case will only be 2 to 4 weeks. Why so short?

DP:In this case there are not a lot of witnesses. The people who are going to testify are going to talk about what they heard. And you have to be careful because you’ll get to a point where you’ll start pissing people off to some degree asking the same questions different ways. You don’t want to lose your jury. When you’re trying a case you’re trying to build rapport with the jury. And there are some people who are good with that and some people who are not good with that.

EBONY: Zimmerman could get second degree murder and life in prison, or he could get a lesser charge like manslaughter. What are Trayvon’s parents looking for in terms of a conviction?

DP:Without question they’d like to see him get the most severe punishment that the law will allow.  Their son lost his life. They want him punished.

EBONY: The defense has made an issue of texts and photos on Trayvon’s cellphone. Are we out of the woods yet in terms of that being shown to the jury or is that still a possibility?

DP:Those pictures have nothing, zero, to do with Trayvon’s death.

EBONY: They don’t but there’s a way that they’re trying to paint an image.

DP:And you know what, that happens to be one of the regrets of our system---that it allows you to get certain information about  someone and misuse the information.

EBONY:There were some potential jurors who mentioned that they had already seen some of that stuff.

DP:And they have. There are a few that did and as you see us get into the full jury selection, those are the kind of issues that you’ll probably hear come out more.

EBONY: So do you think it’s possible the actual trial could begin [this] week?

DP:Maybe by Thursday or Friday.

Given the fact that there are still some pre-trial motions being heard, we don’t know how that might affect things.

EBONY: What pre-trial motions are still being heard?

DP:The Frye hearing --the  hearing about what scientific evidence can be presented ---is still being heard. They still need to determine if the 911 tape that had the screams on it, whether or not any expert will be able to testify as to whose voice that was heard on the tape. They are still putting on expert testimony so [Judge Nelson] can decide one way or the other.

EBONY: Will the jury be able to hear the tape whether or not an expert testifies about whose voice it is?

DP:You can let the jury hear it for themselves and they can try to determine it for themselves, if they can decide. But the defense is trying to stop any experts from telling the jury whose voice they think it is crying for help.

EBONY:There some people who say it might be prejudicial for the jury to hear the tape. Since it’s hard to tell who it is they may just say who they think it is.

DP:That’s right and that’s just what the judge has to decide whether it has a probative value or a prejudicial value

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