Zimmerman Trial Day 21

Zimmerman Trial Day 21

As the prosecution delivers closing arguments, a verdict may be just days away

Veronica Byrd

by Veronica Byrd, July 12, 2013

Zimmerman Trial Day 21

Assistant state attorney Bernie de la Rionda holding up evidence to the jury while presenting the state's closing arguments 

a little colorful but did she speak the truth?”

While it's "good that citizens get involved," de la Rionda acknowledged, Zimmerman went too far. “The law doesn’t allow people to take the law into their own hands," he said. “This defendant didn't give Trayvon Martin a chance."

On Thursday, Judge Debra S. Nelson ruled that the jury could consider lesser charges of manslaughter. Prosecutors must prove Zimmerman showed ill will, hatred or spite to get a second-degree murder conviction. To get a manslaughter conviction, prosecutors must show only that Zimmerman killed without lawful justification.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara will give the closing argument for the defense today starting at 8:30 A.M., and John Guy will have one hour to give the prosecution’s rebuttal statement. The jury is expected to start deliberations today.


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