Tweets from Possible Suspects Raise Eyebrows

Kendrick Johnson

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important in a murder case because it accounts for not only the whereabouts of the suspects during the crime, but also the time the time of death. Johnson disappeared after the third block at the high school.  While it has been widely reported that he entered the gym at 1:09PM, this does not appear to be the case. 

According to police files, "Detective Priddy spoke with Lieutenant Stryde Jones and advised him that the surveillance video showed Kendrick Johnson entered the old gym at approximately 1:09PM and that the time on the surveillance system is not accurate." [Emphasis mine]

Per the Lowndes County High School website, third block ends at 1:23PM.  Since Johnson attended his third block class, and it would have taken him a few minutes to walk to the old gym, he would have went into the gym sometime around 1:30PM.   Where, then, were Chris and Clark Martin at that time?

"Detective Priddy obtained a copy of the surveillance video from the old gym to include the cameras inside the gym, the cameras in the hall way [sic] of the gym and the exterior entrance to the gym.  The copy of the surveillance video was placed into propery evidence," it states in a January 14, 2013 police report.  Why, then, are there no images on that video of KJ's last moments of life? 

During July 2013, as Dr. Anderson prepared his report on KJ's second autopsy, that would show he was murdered, Chris Martin retweeted the following from a friend.

"Black kills black, it's gang, black kills white, it's rarely seen in the news, white kills black, it's a hate crime and the whole world hears."

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