Kevin Powell Founds BK Nation [INTERVIEW]

Kevin Powell Founds BK Nation [INTERVIEW]

BK Nation (BK for ‘Building Knowledge’), the political brainchild of author-activist Kevin Powell, had its official kickoff this month

Michael A. Gonzales

by Michael A. Gonzales, October 16, 2013

Kevin Powell Founds BK Nation [INTERVIEW]

Some folks I have known for years, and some contributors have come to us from Facebook, from Twitter, or we’ve met them at BK Nation’s live music shows or our political rallies.

It really has been beautiful and powerful to witness the coming together of such diverse people, in every sense of the word diversity, for the cause of serving others. I have not been this happy and passionate about my life work in years. That is the truth.

EBONY: Where to you see BK Nation in 10 years?

KP: As a full-service national organization with chapters in all 50 states, and even some chapters overseas. As a major media website. As a major space for writers, musical artists and other creative minds. As an incubator and support space for younger leaders. This is the vision for BK Nation, and this is why our motto is, “The leadership is us.” 


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