Largest US Police Force, NYPD, Charged with Showing Anti-Muslim Film. No!
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interview had been lifted from another source.

None of that was true.

This month the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, after a yearlong fight, obtained internal police documents about the movie that say "The Third Jihad" was shown on a continuous loop for about three months on the sidelines of counterterrorism training for nearly 1,500 officers in Brooklyn. The producer of the film also said this month that Kelly sat for an exclusive, 90-minute interview, contradicting Browne.

Muslim groups accused Browne of attempting a cover-up. Browne said he simply forgot about the interview.

"This goes back five years," Browne said last week. "There's some suggestion that, 'Gee, I suddenly remembered.' I didn't suddenly remember — I went through five years of emails to try and figure out did I get a request by this guy who's connected with the foundation."

But critics note the gaffe follows other high-profile contradictions.

In August, an AP reporter asked Browne about the Demographics Unit, a team of undercover police officers charged with mapping and monitoring ethnic neighborhoods. Browne said the unit did not exist. He also denied that the NYPD dispatched plainclothes officers to hang out in cafes, hookah bars and bookstores to eavesdrop on patrons.

The AP later obtained police documents detailing the Demographics Unit and its use of "rakers" to spy on ethnic communities. Other documents say the NYPD infiltrated student groups at local colleges and monitored their Internet activity.

On Friday, an unapologetic Browne said the NYPD only "carefully and lawfully" follows leads of terror threats with selective undercover investigations.