Latasha Nevitt

Latasha Nevitt Missing for Over a Year, Still No Leads

Chicago wife, mother of three vanishes after walking to the store

by #teamEBONY, January 17, 2013

Latasha Nevitt

Latasha Nevitt

Missing since October 10, 2011, Latasha Nevitt was last seen by her husband, Isaac Nevitt, who said she left her house on the 1300 block of West 107th Street to walk to the food mart and liquor store on 112th street, east of Vincennes, and never came back.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Latasha is a Mother of three children and is attending school at Everest University to become a dental hygienist. There has been no activity on her cell phone. Her mother, Brenda Morgan, has searched areas around West 107th Street and South Vincennes Avenue, where Latasha was last seen, but could not find her or any clues as to what happened to her. Latasha reportedly doted on her three children, 10-year-old Ariel and her 2-year-old twins, Brian and Ryan.

“I just don’t see her walking away from life, just walking away from her kids like that,” her mother told CBS Chicago.

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