Making Sense Out of Desensitization

Making Sense Out of Desensitization

A news story helps Damon Young discover that fear is why he desensitizes himself to senseless violence and death

Damon Young

by Damon Young, October 23, 2012

Making Sense Out of Desensitization

when reading Ne'Ondre's, reducing my entire life to an assumption, a footnote.

"Tragic. Probably some robbery or drug deal gone bad or something."

Knowing this, and knowing how hurt I'd be to be remembered that way, I feel compelled to apologize to Ne'Ondre and Ne'Ondre's family. Instead of using this space, though, I could have done so at his funeral yesterday. But, as bad as I feel about desensitizing myself and glossing over his life, the alternative is even worse. This, the desensitization, is a coping mechanism to conceal the fact that the relentless onslaught of news about Ne'Ondres has turned us into a "never-ending mass of shiver, cry, and outrage." It's a shield to hide the scars, a crutch to keep from falling down and breaking your spirit. 

I'm sorry, Ne'Ondre. But, I gotta keep on moving, keep on desensitizing, cause right now I'm too scared to stop.

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