Making Sense Out of Desensitization
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when reading Ne'Ondre's, reducing my entire life to an assumption, a footnote.

"Tragic. Probably some robbery or drug deal gone bad or something."

Knowing this, and knowing how hurt I'd be to be remembered that way, I feel compelled to apologize to Ne'Ondre and Ne'Ondre's family. Instead of using this space, though, I could have done so at his funeral yesterday. But, as bad as I feel about desensitizing myself and glossing over his life, the alternative is even worse. This, the desensitization, is a coping mechanism to conceal the fact that the relentless onslaught of news about Ne'Ondres has turned us into a "never-ending mass of shiver, cry, and outrage." It's a shield to hide the scars, a crutch to keep from falling down and breaking your spirit. 

I'm sorry, Ne'Ondre. But, I gotta keep on moving, keep on desensitizing, cause right now I'm too scared to stop.