NAACP Legal Defense Fund Responds to Affirmative Action Decision
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will tell colleges nationwide whether or not they can consider race on applications.  Next term’s case does not ask the Court to weigh in on what types of diversity policies colleges and universities may adopt.  Instead, Cantrell is about reaffirming the constitutional principle that our democratic processes must be open and accessible to all citizens.  In that case, we urge the Court to declare Michigan’s ballot initiative, which bars the consideration of race in college admissions within the state, unconstitutional because it rigs Michigan’s political process against students and universities that support diversity.  In practice, the ballot initiative creates a racially selective, two-tiered political process.  It forces supporters of racial diversity to overcome more formidable obstacles than those who advocate for consideration of legacy status, athletics, or virtually any other lawful factor in the college admissions process. 

Founded in 1940, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is the leading law firm fighting for racial justice in America.  LDF has been a separate entity from the NAACP since 1957.  For seven decades, LDF has worked to dismantle racial segregation and ensure educational opportunities at every level of education.  

Additional information on Fisher, including answers to frequently asked questions, a case overview and photos are available at /case/fisher-v-texas