They Have Names

As protests are staged across the world, the names of 180 kidnapped Nigerian girls are released. When will they come home?

by Jamilah Lemieux, May 5, 2014


Protestors in Nigeria demand government action

Chicago Tribune

Protests continue in Nigeria and across the world, demanding action against the Boko Haram militant group that kidnapped at least 234 Nigerian schoolgirls from the Government Girls' Secondary School in the dead of night on April 14th. Under increasing pressure from families of the stolen children, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan stated Sunday, "Wherever these girls are, we'll get them out." 

According to CNN, Jonathan also accused the families of the kidnapped girls of not providing the government with enough information about their children.  "What we request is maximum cooperation from the guardians and the parents of these girls," he said." Because up to this time, they have not been able to come clearly, to give the police clear identity of the girls that have yet to return." The Nigerian government has been widely criticized for their response to the kidnappings, which included early reports that claimed that just a few girls had been kidnapped and that they had all been returned to their families.

The Christian Association of Nigeria released the names of 180 girls who are still said to be missing. These are real girls, they are not changing numbers in underreported news stories. They are as important and as loved as the Blue Ivys, the Keishas, the Naimas, the Beths and the Beckys of the world and they deserve to come home. NOW.

1.Deborah ​Abge 
2. Awa ​Abge 
3. Hauwa ​Yirma
4. Asabe ​Manu 
5. Mwa ​Malam Pogu
6. Patiant ​Dzakwa 
7. Saraya ​Mal. Stover
8. Mary ​Dauda 
9. Gloria ​Mainta 
10.Hanatu ​Ishaku 
11. Gloria ​Dama 
12. Tabitha ​Pogu
13. Maifa ​Dama 
14. Ruth ​Kollo 
15. Esther ​Usman
16. Awa ​James
17. Anthonia Yahonna
18. Kume ​Mutah
19. Aisha ​Ezekial 
20. Nguba ​Buba 
21. Kwanta ​Simon
22. Kummai ​Aboku
23. Esther ​Markus
24. Hana ​Stephen
25. Rifkatu ​Amos
26 Rebecca ​Mallum
27. Blessing ​Abana
28. Ladi ​Wadai
29. Tabitha ​Hyelampa
30 Ruth ​Ngladar
31. Safiya ​Abdu
32. Na’omi ​Yahonna
33. Solomi ​Titus
34. Rhoda ​John
35. Rebecca ​Kabu
36. Christy ​Yahi.
37. Rebecca ​Luka
38. Laraba ​John
39 Saratu ​Markus
40. Mary ​Usman
41 Debora ​Yahonna
42. Naomi ​Zakaria
43 Hanatu ​Musa
44. Hauwa ​Tella
45. Juliana ​Yakubu
46. Suzana ​Yakubu
47.Saraya ​Paul
48. Jummai ​Paul
49. Mary ​Sule
50. Jummai ​John
51. Yanke ​Shittima
52. Muli ​Waligam
53. Fatima ​Tabji
54. Eli ​Joseph
55.Saratu ​Emmanuel
56. Deborah Peter
57. Rahila ​Bitrus
58. Luggwa ​Sanda
59. Kauna ​Lalai
60. Lydia ​Emmar
61. Laraba ​Maman
62. Hauwa ​Isuwa
63. Confort ​Habila
64. Hauwa ​Abdu
65. Hauwa ​Balti
66. Yana ​Joshua
67. Laraba ​Paul
68.Saraya ​Amos
69. Glory ​Yaga
70. Na’omi ​Bitrus
71. Godiya ​Bitrus
72. Awa ​Bitrus
73. Na’omi ​Luka
74. Maryamu Lawan
75. Tabitha ​Silas
76. Mary ​Yahona.
77. Ladi ​Joe
78. Rejoice ​Sanki
79. Luggwa ​Samuel
80. Comfort ​Amos
81. Saraya ​Samuel
82. Sicker ​Abdul
83.Talata ​Daniel
84. Rejoice ​Musa
85. Deborah ​Abari
86. Salomi ​Pogu
87. Mary ​Amor
88. Ruth ​Joshua.
89. Esther ​John
90. Esther ​Ayuba
91. Maryamu Yakubu.
91. Zara ​Ishaku.
93. Maryamu Wavi
94. Lydia ​Habila
95. Laraba ​Yahonna
96. Na’omi ​Bitrus
97.Rahila ​Yahanna
98. Ruth ​Lawan
99. Ladi ​Paul
100 Mary ​Paul
101. Esther ​Joshua
102. Helen ​Musa
103. Margret Watsai
104. Deborah Jafaru
105. Filo ​Dauda
106. Febi ​Haruna
107.Ruth ​Ishaku
108.Racheal Nkeki
109. Rifkatu Soloman
110.Mairama Yahaya
111.Saratu ​Dauda
112.Jinkai ​Yama
113.Margret Shettima
114.Yana ​Yidau.
115. Grace ​Paul.
116. Amina ​Ali
117. Palmata Musa
118. Awagana Musa
119. Pindar ​Nuhu
120.Yana ​Pogu
121. Saraya ​Musa
122. Hauwa ​Joseph
123. Hauwa ​Kwakwi
125. Hauwa ​Musa
126. Maryamu Musa
127. Maimuna Usman
128. Rebeca Joseph
129.Liyatu ​Habitu
130. Rifkatu Yakubu
131. Naomi ​Philimon
132.Deborah Abbas
133. Ladi ​Ibrahim.
134. Asabe ​Ali
135. Maryamu Bulama.
136.Ruth ​Amos
137.Mary ​Ali
138. Abigail Bukar
139 Deborah Amos
140. Saraya ​Yanga
141. Kauna ​Luka
142. Christiana Bitrus
143.Yana ​Bukar
144. Hauwa ​Peter
145.Hadiza ​Yakubu.
146.Lydia ​Simon
147. Ruth ​Bitrus
148.Mary ​Yakubu
149.Lugwa ​Mutah.
150 Muwa ​Daniel
151 Hanatu ​Nuhu
152. Monica Enoch
153. Margret Yama
154.Docas ​Yakubu
155. Rhoda ​Peter
156. Rifkatu Galang
157. Saratu ​Ayuba
158. Naomi ​Adamu
159. Hauwa ​Ishaya
160. Rahap ​Ibrahim
162. Deborah Soloman
163Hauwa ​Mutah
164. Hauwa ​Takai
165. Serah ​Samuel
166. Aishatu Musa
167. Aishatu Grema
168. Hauwa ​Nkeki
169. Hamsatu Abubakar
170.Mairama Abubakar
171 Hauwa ​Wule
172. Ihyi ​Abdu
173. Hasana Adamu
174. Rakiya ​Kwamtah
175 Halima ​Gamba
176. Aisha ​Lawan
177. Kabu ​Malla
178. Yayi ​Abana
179. Falta ​Lawan
180. Kwadugu Manu

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