President Barack Obama on Newsweek

Newsweek Cover Calls for New President

Writer Niall Ferguson argues why President Obama hasn't lived up to expectations

by #teamEBONY, August 21, 2012

President Barack Obama on Newsweek

President Barack Obama on Newsweek

Newsweek has added to their growing list of controversial cover stories by publishing a piece by Niall Ferguson in which he claims President Obama has failed as president and details why it is time for a new Commander-in-Chief. No stranger to sending outlandish statements into the media stratosphere, Newsweek followed Obama's support of gay marriage with Andrew Sullivan's cover piece, which called Obama our "first gay president." Even Mitt Romney got a bit of dirt on his shoulder after Newsweek asked the presumptive GOP presidential candidate if he was a "wimp," which elicited a response from Romney himself.

This week, Newsweek's cover story names a few reasons why the author thinks President Barack Obama has failed as the nation's chief executive and outlines why it is time for us to replace him in the White House. He concludes by saying that due to Obama's ineffectiveness, inability to lead, and refusal to met political promises, that he faces a real threat in November from the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket. And, as is the case with everything else, we'll see about that.

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