4 More Years of Fly

4 More Years of Fly

[OPINION] America revels in another term of the image of Michelle Obama

Michaela angela Davis

by Michaela angela Davis, November 05, 2012

4 More Years of Fly

more years of a President and First Lady giving each other dap and holding each other real close. We need more sincere little kisses, hokey jokes, outstanding outfits activated by a strong and fit body and many more images of two happy little black girls.  America needs four more years to change the collective consciousness from the fiction of the Huxtables to the fact of the Obamas.  Everyone really needs to believe and understand a successful loving Black family is real.  And yes, we need to know the President and the First Lady are having sex in the White House (with each other). That's right, I would like four more years of a hot Black couple as an example of an All-American Family please.

Unlike policies that give women access to affordable healthcare, freedom to chose and equal pay, it's hard to quantify how the image of a loving and equal marriage between two powerfu,l free Black people has made us a more secure, a more perfect union.

Four years ago, Michelle Obama was a game changer and with four more years of her as First Lady of the United States, she may very well forever change the image of Black American women in the world and in our minds. Now wouldn’t that be fly?

Michaela angela Davis is an Image Activist and creator of #MADFREE. Hit her on Twitter at @MichaelaAngelaD.

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