[OPINION] Stop Apologizing, You Ain't Sorry

[OPINION] Stop Apologizing, You Ain't Sorry

Politically correct public apologies have runneth over says writer Janelle Harris

by Janelle Harris, May 23, 2012

[OPINION] Stop Apologizing, You Ain't Sorry

Are you really sorry?

masse to squeeze a lame “I’m sorry” from this man when, in actuality, that would've been like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. Pardon the pun. I’m much more appreciative of people who don’t apologize when we all know they’re not really sorry in the first place. Fake “I’m sorry’s” don’t heal, at least not in most of these public situations, so we might as well stop asking for them. They aren't helping a thing. And they certainly aren’t preventing future mishaps from unfolding. One’s in the works right now, I can guarantee it.

We, as a society and as a people, are too quick to demand apologies and not seeing the bigger picture for what it is—a continued acceptability that allows people to say these things in the first place, even in our own community. Our politically incorrect slip is showing, but I’d rather see it and know what I’m dealing with than have someone tuck it up under a fancy dress until, of course, it comes falling down at a party where a chicken and watermelon joke is just too obviously good to pass up.

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