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Trayvon Did Not Die in Vain
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have rallied under the “Justice For Trayvon” banner to ensure this stops happening to other Black boys and men. While it’s a bit premature to predict what will happen next as we continue the long crawl toward justice and equality, I’m hopeful that the changes that have taken place thus far are the beginning ripples of something positive and lasting.

Next month, when it’s time to celebrate the 50thanniversary of the March on Washington, we’ll know more about where this movement is headed. For now, the words of the Black Youth Project in Chicago, and those of other young community groups, serve as a reminder of what Trayvon Martin's life and death has meant to this world:

"In spite of what was said in court, what verdict has been reached, or how hopeless we feel, Trayvon did NOT die in vain. A mother should never have to bury her son. However, his death will serve as the catalyst of a new movement where the struggle for justice will prevail."

Solange Uwimana is an editor and senior researcher at Media Matters. Follow her on Twitter @DCGisenyi.