Jeezy’s Juke Joint: Stripping Away Black Erasure, Literally.

Jeezy’s Juke Joint:
Stripping Away Black Erasure, Literally

by Rena McDaniel

Black bodies. This is a phrase we have come to know too well in association with words like “killed,” “beaten,”… Read More

military police equipment obama

President Obama to Ban Military-Style Gear for Police Departments

by The Washington Post

The Obama administration announced Monday it will ban federal transfers of certain types of military-style gear to local police departments… Read More

home house homeowner

Why America is Still Segregated

by Slate

What does this all mean? As it stands, segregation is still the rule. And Whites in particular live in mostly White neighborhoods… Read More

Jonathan Ferrell

Family of Jonathan Ferrell to Settle Lawsuit

by The Washington Post

The city of Charlotte has reached a $2.25 million settlement in a lawsuit brought by the family of a Black man shot to death by a… Read More

ICYMI: SCANDAL and the Hyde Amendment

Scandal and the Hyde Amendment

by Yamani Hernandez

Like other dedicated Shondaland viewers at the National Network of… Read More

CUNY dean and Amtrak victim just finished Ph.D

Dr. Derrick Griffith, Dean of Students at CUNY Medgar Evers, Killed in Amtrak Crash

by #teamEBONY

A CUNY doctoral student on the cusp of graduation died in Tuesday’s Amtrak wreck, the school said. Dr. Derrick Griffith, 42… Read More

Keep Harriet Tubman – and all women – off the $20 bill

Why Harriet Tubman on the $20 Might Not be the Best Idea

by The Washington Post

On one hand, replacing the face of Andrew Jackson – a man whose wealth was made on the backs of enslaved Black people –… Read More

matt kenny tony robinson wisconsin

9 Officers Fired After Death of Matthew Ajibade

by D. Smith

On Tuesday, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced that he would not file charges against Read More

A Tax on Blackness

The Rebirth of Redlining

by Slate

Housing discrimination is illegal, and most Americans express egalitarian beliefs on race. But while unused and largely forgotten… Read More

Morehouse Colleges Turns To Indiegogo For Fundraising Campaign

Morehouse College Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

by Donovan X. Ramsey

Morehouse College, the nation’s only historically Black, all-male institution of higher education, has taken an innovative… Read More

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