In Brooklyn, School Rezoning Plan Reveals Gap Between Classes<br />

In Brooklyn, School Rezoning Plan Reveals Gap Between Classes

by Demetria Irwin

A proposal to move students from an overcrowded but rich school to an undercrowded, but poor school has heightened tensions among parents in the New York borough
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daniel holtzclaw

If #Blacklivesmatter Then You Need to Know the Daniel Holtzclaw Case

by Monique W. Morris

“What if the people hurting us are the people who are supposed to protect us?” These words, spoken by a young… Read More

Miss. Kindergartner Brutally Attacked by Child at School Playground, Mom Says

Kindergartner Badly Injured on Playground, School Claims Accident

by The Root

One Mississippi mom is demanding answers after she went to pick up her daughter from elementary school late last month, only to find… Read More

Images of Darren Wilson Surface Online

New Pictures of Darren Wilson

by Colorlines

So far, the only recent image we’ve seen of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson has been one obtained through social… Read More

Twenty Days of Harassment and Racism as an American Apparel Employee

Racism and Harassment at American Apparel

by #teamEBONY

July 22: On my first day, my manager instructs me on how to seek out potential shoplifters: "Look out for Black girls, because… Read More

Officer Charged With Raping 8 Black Women Finds Support Online

Money Raised for Cop Charged with Raping Eight Black Women

by The Root

Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma City police officer arrested in August and charged with sexually abusing eight Black women, has supporters… Read More

'I Hope My Son Stays White'

'I Hope My Son Stays White'

by Calvin Hennick

I am a white man, and part of the privilege that comes along with that fact is this: I know, with something bordering on 100 percent certainty, how… Read More

black lives matter ferguson missouri michael brown

Ferguson Forward: 'Black Lives Matter' Brings Heartbroken Helping Hands to St. Louis [PHOTOS]

I am standing at Michael Brown’s memorial on Canfield Drive. I have seen this location repeatedly on my TV screen -- the location where 18-year-old… Read More

Ferguson Cops Start Wearing Body Cameras

Body Cameras for Ferguson Police

by Huffington Post

Police in the St. Louis suburb where a White officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old have started wearing body cameras. The… Read More

Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid by Painkiller Drug Companies

Many Anti-Marijuana Academics Paid by Pharmaceutical Firms

by #teamEBONY

As Americans continue to embrace pot—as medicine and for recreational use—opponents are turning to a set of academic… Read More

Teen who got into all 8 Ivy League schools makes his choice

Kwasi Enin Going to Yale

by #teamEBONY

Kwasi Enin is taking his brains to Yale. In a move usually reserved for highly recruited athletes, a suburban New York high school… Read More

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