In defiant ruling, Alabama Supreme Court stops same-sex marriage in state

Same-Sex Marriage Stopped by Alabama Supreme Court

by The Washington Post

The Alabama Supreme Court ordered a halt Tuesday to same-sex marriages in the state despite a U.S. Supreme Court order allowing them… Read More

ferguson missouri st louis protest michael brown darren wilson

Justice Department Report Finds Pattern of Racial Bias in Ferguson

by #teamEBONY

A Justice Department investigation will allege sweeping patterns of discrimination within the Ferguson, Missouri, police department… Read More

Oprah Winfrey to Close Harpo Studios

Oprah Winfrey to Close Harpo Studios

by #teamEBONY

Oprah Winfrey and her collection of shows are settling in Hollywood. By year’s end, Winfrey’s Chicago-based Harpo Studios… Read More

Cleveland’s Worst

Why Good Police Stand Behind Bad Cops

by Slate

While most professions will tolerate poor performance, they won’t stand for damaging behavior. A cook who occasionally flubs… Read More

#ThisIsLuv: I am Octavia Y. Lewis: Black, woman, transgender, and loved

I AmBlack, Woman, Transgender, and Loved

by Octavia Y. Lewis

Society shows and tells women like me on a daily basis that we are disposable and unworthy of love. So I ask the question: what is… Read More

L.A. Police Caught on Video Shooting Homeless Man to Death

Homeless Man Killed by LAPD

by Slate

Los Angeles police shot and killed a homeless man on Sunday during a disturbing confrontation that was caught on video. The video… Read More

Nigerian mob kills girl accused of being suicide bomber

Girl Killed by Mob in Nigeria

by Jezebel

A young girl suspected to have been planning a suicide bombing was beaten to death and then set on fire in a Nigerian vegetable market… Read More

12-year-old Tamir Rice caused his own death by failing to ‘avoid injury’

Cleveland: Tamir Rice Caused His Own Death

by #teamEBONY

According to court documents obtained by BuzzFeed’s Stephanie McNeal, the city of Cleveland, Ohio is claiming that 12-year-old… Read More

SLU Protest Protesters Disrupt Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s First Public Appearance

'What Side Are You On'
McCulloch Defends Himself, St. Louis Police

by Katina Parker

The criminal justice system is not “screwed up,” St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch brazenly stated to a packed… Read More

stacey dash

Stay Clueless, Stacy

by Michael Arceneaux

Michael Arceneaux, contributor and Master… Read More

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