Nigerian villagers fight off attacks by Boko Haram

Villagers Fight Back Against Boko Haram

by #teamEBONY

Nigerian villagers fight back against Boko Haram, killing at least 200 members. Residents of three villages in… Read More

U.S. Deploys Drones in Search for Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Drones Deployed in Search for Kidnapped Girls

by #teamEBONY

Drones have been deployed to aid in the search of the kidnapped Nigerian girls. The United States has deployed… Read More

boko haram bring back our girls kidnapping

Who Fights for Black Girls?

by Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean

I hate metaphors. I find them overdone and rarely effective. Certain things should stand on their own and exceed comparison. For… Read More

Woman’s cancer killed by measles virus in unprecedented trial

Measles Virus Kills Woman's Cancer

by The Washington Post

Injection of the measles virus rids woman of cancer. Her name is Stacy Erholtz. For years, the 50-year-old mom… Read More

Dean Baquet Named Executive Editor of The New York Times

New York Times Names Dean Baquet Executive Editor

by #teamEBONY

Dean Baquet named executive editor of the New York Times. The New York Times announced today that… Read More

Rescuing the kidnapped girls should be only a first step for Nigeria to counter Boko Haram

Nigeria Needs to Change How it Handles Boko Haram

by The Washington Post

The attention the kidnapped schoolgirls has brought Nigeria has shed a light on the flawed way the Nigerian government deals with Boko… Read More

african american man laptop computer

Think Before You Thinkpiece

by Michael Arceneaux

To My Fellow Writers and Those Who Edit Them: You do realize that not every news story has to be further contextualized… Read More

Nigeria scorns Boko Haram's captive girls swap offer

Nigerian Government Won't Agree to Boko Haram's Demands

by #teamEBONY

Nigeria will not release imprisoned militants in exchange for kidnapped schoolgirls.  Nigeria has insisted… Read More

Spike Lee

Spike Lee Speaks on Gentrification, Calls Michael Rapaport Stupid

by Huffington Post

Spike Lee reiterates his stance on gentrification. Spike Lee isn't backing down from his bold stance against… Read More

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

Where Does Africa Go From Here?

by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond

Last week, world leaders convened in Abuja, Nigeria for the Read More

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