Why I Won’t Shop This Friday:An open letter from a member of Blackout for Human Rights.

Blackout for Human Rights:
Did the Campaign Keep Shoppers Home?

by Chinaka Hodge

As retailers total up their sales from Black Friday 2014, early reports suggest that sales were down significantly from recent… Read More

black friday shoppers

Activists Call to#BlackoutBlackFriday for Human Rights

by Amber McKynzie [A. KAY]

“No justice, no peace.” That’s how the saying goes. But this Friday, people across the country are remixing the… Read More

Man, 20, dies amid Ferguson protests

Man Dies During Ferguson Protests

by #teamEBONY

Amid the rubble and ashes of a city convulsed in anger over the death of Michael Brown, a different family stood in shock and grief… Read More

ferguson missouri st louis protest michael brown darren wilson

Ferguson and the Sin of Racism

by Rev. Darlene Garner

America’s original sin of racism played out in Ferguson, Missouri. How did we get here?  To understand this moment, we… Read More

Michael Brown Wasn’t a Superhuman Demon

Michael Brown, the Superhuman Demon

by Slate

More troubling is Wilson’s physical description of Brown, which sits flush with a century of stereotypes and a bundle of recent… Read More

Protesters flood streets across U.S. as Ferguson dismay spreads coast to coast

Ferguson Protests Spread Across the Country

by #teamEBONY

More than 170 protests sprouted up across the country Tuesday. Some crowds blocked bridges, tunnels and major highways. But unlike… Read More

Dream Defenders' Phillip Agnew Arrested at Miami-Ferguson Solidarity Protest

Dream Defenders' Phillip Agnew Arrested at Miami-Ferguson Solidarity Protest

by Jamilah Lemieux

Protests in solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri have taken place across the world since August 9th and in the wake of this week’s… Read More

Death of Unarmed Brooklyn Man Shot by Police Ruled Homicide

Akai Gurley's Death Ruled a Homicide

by Slate

The death of Akai Gurley, the 28-year-old man who was killed by a New York City police officer in a public housing stairwell on Nov… Read More

Under fire for sexual assault comments, Lincoln U. president resigns

Lincoln University President Resigns

by #teamEBONY

Lincoln University's embattled president, under fire for statements that some critics interpreted as blaming women for sexual… Read More

Watch Killer Mike’s Powerful Speech on the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Killer Mike on Ferguson, Race

by Slate

Over the summer, Killer Mike emerged as one of the most impassioned voices of reason in the hip-hop community following the fatal… Read More

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