Florida Loud Music Killing Trial Coming to Close

Second Trial for Jordan Davis' Killer Nearing End

by JET

Michael Dunn was shooting to kill, not defending himself, when he fired at 17-year-old Jordan Davis after the two had an argument… Read More

Califorina Eliminates Crack/Cocaine Sentencing Disparities

California Ends Disparities in Crack and Cocaine Sentences

by Slate

California has eliminated the legal distinction between cocaine and crack for purposes of criminal sentencing. Governor Jerry Brown… Read More

Officer kills man through car door in his driveway

Cop Who Shot and Killed Black Man Indicted

by #teamEBONY

Ernest Satterwhite, a 68-year-old Black great-grandfather, was shot to death after a slow-speed chase as he parked in his own driveway… Read More

August Wilson Center in Downtown Pittsburgh rescued

August Wilson Center Saved

by #teamEBONY

Just when it appeared that the Downtown building would fall into the hands of a New York City developer or be sold at sheriff sale… Read More

Thug Kitchen’s Brand Of Technicolor Blackness

Thug Kitchen's Pretend (and Lucrative) "Blackness"

by #teamEBONY

It goes without saying that “thug” is a loaded word, which in our politically correct, post-racial society, has become… Read More

rand paul national urban league  2014 National Urban League Conference

What Conservatives Are Doing About Criminal Justice Reform
(No, Really!)

by Chelsi P. Henry, Esq.

Current trends show that 1 in 3 Black males can expect to go to prison… Read More

The Criminal Unrapeability of Black Women

The Criminal Unrapeability of Black Women

by Kali Nicole Gross

Black womanhood = criminal perversion. This equation leapt to mind in wake of allegations of harassment claimed by Daniele Watts… Read More

barack obama

President Obama: Islamic State Threat "Underestimated"

by JET

President Barack Obama is acknowledging that U.S. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat from Islamic State militants in… Read More

The Society of Fugitives

The Effect Aggressive Policing Has on Black Communities

by The Atlantic

The police, in Goffman’s portrayal in On the Run, are at full-fledged war with residents. They beat up people under… Read More

african american girl reading studying

Once Again, Stats Show That Black Girls Are Not 'Just Fine'

by Monique W. Morris

Did you know that Black girls are often steered away from rigorous math and science courses in high school, which has later repercussions… Read More

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