Justice Sonia Sotomayor defends affirmative action

Justice Sotomayor Explains Her Support for Affirmative Action

by The Washington Post

In a segment for ABC's "This Week," Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor explained her support of affirmative action.  Justice… Read More

Boko Haram crisis: Dozens killed in villages near Chibok

Latest Boko Haram Attack Kills Dozens

by #teamEBONY

Dozens killed in latest Boko Haram attack.  Dozens of villagers are feared… Read More

land for sale

Fear of a Black Landowner

by Vann R Newkirk II

Property is the keystone in the arch of the American ethos. Our devotion to that ethos often leaves those without property like ships… Read More

Is $40 Million Enough for the Central Park Five?

Is $40 Million Enough for the Central Park Five?

by Charles F. Coleman Jr.

What is 7 years of your life worth? What about 13? As I’ve thought about the recently announced… Read More

The Black American Holiday Everyone Should Celebrate but Doesn’t

Why We Need to Celebrate Juneteenth

by Slate

America needs to pay more attention to Juneteenth. Insofar that modern Americans celebrate the past, it’s… Read More

african american business woman

Black Women by the Numbers:
In Pain and In Need

by Monique W. Morris

The longstanding myth that Black females “do better” than Black males is a topic of great debate recently. Though snapshot… Read More

Distracted White People Mistakenly Vote for Slavery Reparations

White Lawmakers in Texas Accidentally Vote for Reparations

by #teamEBONY

White lawmakers in Dallas County mistakenly vote for reparations. Dallas County, population 2.5 million, now officially… Read More

NY Women Claims She Was Fired For Refusing to ‘Tame’ Her Afro

Woman Fired Because of Her Afro?

by Clutch

NYC woman sues former job, claiming they fired her because of her afro. Former AEG employee Tiffany Bryan recently… Read More

Bryant Collins Georgia Emily Pickens

GA Man Saves Baby

by Ravelle Worthington

Georgia man Bryant Collins is a hero. This past Friday, June 13, he noticed something moving in the grass along Highway 72—it… Read More

Teen opens world’s first pawn shop for $15,000 sneakers

Harlem Teen Opens High-End Sneaker Shop

by #teamEBONY

Harlem teen Chase Reed opens high-end sneaker pawn shop. Chase, a 10th-grader Read More

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