Man cleared in '89 NYC killing plans $162M claim

Exonerated Man Sues NYC for 162 Million

by #teamEBONY

Jonathan Fleming, a man who recently served 25 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, is suing New York City for $162 million.  A… Read More

Congress Demands Action On Boko Haram

Congress Demands U.S. Take Stronger Action Against Boko Haram

by #teamEBONY

After a trip to Nigeria, members of Congress are demanding that the American government does more to stop Boko Haram. A… Read More

My Advice to the RNC

Can the GOP Win Black Voters?

by Slate

The GOP could actually benefit if they stopped trying so hard to suppress Black votes. The bulk of the Republican… Read More

california teacher tenure public schools

Is This the End of Teachers Unions?

by R. L'Heureux Lewis-McCoy, PhD

On June 10th, a Superior Court judge in California struck down California’s teacher tenure laws. While you may not be a California… Read More

eric holder congressional congress on black men and boys

Congressional Black Caucus Hosts 'Returning Citizens' Panel

by Ray Baker

The Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys recently held an event focused "returning citizens": formerly incarcerated… Read More

Sexy Black Female Scientists

The Sexiest Sistas in Stem

by #teamEBONY

A list of 73 Black women in science who combine beauty and brains. So… the next time any entity feels compelled… Read More

Guns Kill Children

NRA Wants More Kids to Have Guns?

by Slate

The NRA wants more children to be gun owners.  Caroline Starks was 2 years old. Her 5-year-old brother was… Read More

project aloe

Project ALOE Helps Young Girls Get ‘Fab, Fit and Focused’ For College

by Princess Gabbara

Lip gloss, mascara, blow dryer, curling iron–all essential items when it comes to getting ready for a girl’s night out… Read More

Boko Haram blamed for Nigeria village attacks; 15 killed, chief kidnapped

15 Killed in Latest Boko Haram Attack

by #teamEBONY

15 people killed in Boko Haram attack on market vendors in Borno state. Nearly 20 suspected Boko Haram gunmen opened… Read More

How Income Inequality Might Lead Students to Drop Out of High School

Drop-Out Rates Caused by Income Inequality?

by Slate

New study shows that high school drop-out rates might be affected by income inequality.  Like teen girls who… Read More

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