The New Black Documentary Yoruba Richen

50 Years After the Freedom Summer, the Fight for the Vote Continues

by Kali Holloway

There is no better proof in 2014 of how invaluable the right to vote is than the amount of money currently being spent on efforts… Read More

Woman At Own Funeral Miriam Marie “Mae-Mae” Burbank

New Orleans Woman Parties At Her Own Funeral

by #teamEBONY

According to her daughters, Miram Burbank loved Busch beer, menthols and the New Orleans Saints. And when the woman known as "Mae Mae" passed… Read More

Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis reaches deadliest phase

Boko Haram's Deadly Reign

by #teamEBONY

Boko Haram has become increasingly violent, bold, and ruthless.  Since the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls… Read More

 Why Is the Black Unemployment Rate So High?

Unemployed Blacks More Resilient During Job Search than Whites

by #teamEBONY

Unemployed Blacks more resilient during the job search than Whites. Even as the… Read More

Babies Pay for Detroit’s 60-Year Slide With Mortality Above Mexico's

Detroit's Increasing Infant Mortality Rate

by #teamEBONY

Poverty and blight in Detroit has caused it to have the nation's highest infant mortality rate. Detroit’s… Read More

lil terrio

Lil TerRio Isn't a Little Man

by William C. Anderson

By the time I discovered lil TerRio, hundreds… Read More

Why Do Katy Perry's Dancers Have Giant Fake Butts and Big Earrings?

Katy Perry's Troublesome Appropriation

by Jezebel

The exaggerated features of Katy Perry's dancers seem to be depicting Black women's bodies.  It would… Read More

marcia fudge

Where Do Blacks Fit in the Immigration Debate?

by Ray Baker

Heading into campaign season during a midterm election year, nearly all is quiet on the policy front. That does not mean however… Read More

Oregon Attack is 74th School Shooting Since Newtown, Fourth Multiple Shooting in Six Days

Oregon Shooting is America's 74th (Yes. 74th!) School Shooting in Two Years

by #teamEBONY

America has seen 74 school shootings in the last two years alone. The attack with what police said was a semi-automatic… Read More

darnell moore (erik carter)

Darnell L. Moore on Love, Liberation and Critiquing 'My Brother's Keeper'

by Muna Mire

Last week, a collective of more than 200 Black men including actor Danny Glover and Civil Rights movement icon Rev. James M. Lawson… Read More

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