5 Things You Need to Know about Colorism<br />
<br />

5 Things You Need to Know about Colorism

by Erica Williams Simon

As a dark brown woman, I never publicly engage in conversations about complexion and colorism (discrimination based on skin… Read More

Marc Lamont Hill

A Revolutionary Holiday

by Marc Lamont Hill

When I was growing up, Easter was a big deal. Even if you didn’t believe in Jesus, the holiday still brought plenty of good… Read More

FLOTUS Pool Report

Michelle Obama Joins Chicago High School Students on Howard University Tour

by #teamEBONY

On this sunny Thursday afternoon FLOTUS joined 37 juniors and seniors from Chicago public high schools for the first full day of… Read More

Pressure Mounts To Investigate NYPD Killing Of Unarmed Black Teen, Ramarley Graham

Possible Federal Investigation into the Death of Ramarley Graham

by Huffington Post

Possible federal investigation into the death of Ramarley Graham. A group of New York lawmakers have sent a letter… Read More

Resegregation in the American South

American Resegregation

by The Atlantic

Although Brown vs The Board of Education happened 60 years ago, many school districts today continue to be "separate and unequal."  Tuscaloosa’s… Read More

eve rapper

No, Fool, Aretha and Patti Did NOT Fight

by Michael Arceneaux

If you were wondering how much Mimi Faust made from her sex tape porno, it was more like a six-figure… Read More

Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press

Stephen Henderson Wins Pulitzer Prize

by #teamEBONY

Stephen Henderson honored with Pulitzer Prize.  The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) congratulates… Read More

If a Student Says Homosexuality Is a Sin in School, Is It Bullying?

Is Calling Homosexuality a Sin a Form of Bullying?

by The Atlantic

Politicians, academics, and religious leaders continue to debate whether God and religion has a place in public schools. What… Read More

Will Today’s Hispanics Be Tomorrow’s Whites?

Hispanic is the New...White?

by Slate

The way Hispanics choose to categorize themselves will have a profound effect on America's racial make-up and politics. According… Read More

african american man computer suspicious

The Legal Ramifications of Revenge Porn

by Charles F. Coleman Jr. and George C. Gardner III

Every few weeks, Twitter is buzzing with debate over 'leaked' nude pictures that the recipient of said photos has posted… Read More

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