Mayor Patrick Cannon

Charlotte Mayor Resigns After Corruption Charges

by #teamEBONY

Charlotte mayor faces possible jail time after corruption charges.  Mayor Patrick Cannon was getting ready… Read More

New York’s Schools Are the Country’s Most Racially Segregated

Schools in New York City Country's Most Segregated

by #teamEBONY

The majority of Black students in NYC attend racially and financially segregated schools. A new study from the… Read More

Mary Virginia Jones

Mary Virginia Jones Freed 32 Years After Wrongful Conviction

by Jezebel

Mary Virginia Jones exonerated after 32 years in prison.  A 74-year-old woman has been released from prison… Read More


'Can a Prison Record Be Expunged?'

by Charles F. Coleman Jr. and George C. Gardner III

"A few years ago, my boyfriend was convicted of armed robbery. He wasn't the main person involved. In fact, he didn't even… Read More

Deadline? What Deadline?! The Uninsured Are Still in the Dark About Obamacare

Confusion about Obamacare Enrollment

by Slate

Millions of uninsured might not take advantage of the Affordable Care Act.  According to the Kaiser Family… Read More

Carl Van Vecten Nigger Heaven

The N*gger Debate:
More of the Same

by Blair L.M. Kelley

It seems that every few years we have some version of a debate about this word. It is probably the most discussed word in contemporary… Read More

Rich Kids Are Soft, Poor Kids Need to Be Toughened Up

Are Black and White Kids Coached Differently?

by Slate

The subject here is coaching and sports. Could much of the same -- how poor Black kids and rich White kids are treated differently --… Read More

african american lesbian couple

10 Alternatives to Murdering Your Gay Child

by Asha French

When the news of the murders of Read More

Fly Young Red Throw That Boy Pussy

Throw That Boy...Oh, My

by Michael Arceneaux

It is with trepidation that I tackle the song “Throw That Boy P*ssy,” which I’ve been sent 10 million times since… Read More

sad black dude

Killing Patriarchy:
A Black Man Seeks to Understand Black Feminism

by Joshua Adams

Some months ago, editor Jamilah Lemieux tweeted a live stream of " Read More

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