This Is When Racial Bias Begins To Impact A Child's Empathy For Pain, Study Suggests

Study: Children Think Black People Feel Less Pain than Whites

by Huffington Post

Ever wince when someone else stubs their toe? It turns out that the empathy we feel actually can be influenced… Read More

jackson state university

The Week's HBCUHeadlines

by The Yard Insider

Alabama State University students were among the hundreds of college students outside of the Alabama State House Read More

Black College Students Launch Artistic Social Media Campaigns About Race

Black College Students Share Stories about Race

by The Root

The 1990s babies matriculating at top-tier universities are in the midst of active protest. They have been for a while now. Back… Read More

A Letter From Ray Jasper, Who Is About to Be Executed

Soon-to-be Executed Ray Jasper Speaks

by #teamEBONY

Mr. Nolan, when I first responded to you, I didn't think that it would cause people to reach out to me and voice their opinions… Read More

How to Make My Brother's Keeper Better

How to Make My Brother's Keeper Better

by Colorlines

With the announcement of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative last week, President Obama unveiled his first effort explicitly… Read More

african american man driving

"Am I Going to Jail Over Parking Tickets?"

by Charles F. Coleman Jr. and George C. Gardner III is excited to re-introduce our "Ask A Lawyer" column, where two extremely brilliant attorneys will provide insight… Read More

Lupita Nyong’o

Let Lupita LIVE!

by Michael Arceneaux

Okay, I will admit to laughing like hell when I saw this shot of Tyler Perry and the new Academy Award-winning actress, Lupita N’yongo… Read More

If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk

Sexually Aggressive Men More Likely to Target Intoxicated Women

by #teamEBONY

Young women are often the targets of aggression when they're out in bars, but the problem isn't that guys are too drunk to… Read More

Chelsea Handler under fire for Oscar jokes

Chelsea Handler Catches Heat for Oscar "Humor"

by #teamEBONY

Did Chelsea Handler take her Oscar jokes too far? The comedienne and talk show host is in hot water for jokes she made while serving… Read More

 Rich, White, Healthy People Are Most Likely to Hate Obamacare

Most Likely to Hate Obamacare? Rich Whites

by The Atlantic

We don't always like the policies that help us. The stimulus, which is deeply unpopular even though it arguably saved the economy… Read More

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