SNL’s Real Race Problem

Hiring Black Women Won't Fix SNL's Race Problem

by Slate

SNL’s current predicament is a perfect example of why our national conversation about diversity spins in place and never actually… Read More

Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka Passes

by #teamEBONY

Amiri Baraka, the longtime activist and former poet laureate of New Jersey died today, officials confirmed. He was 79 years old… Read More

Jameis Winston's Accuser Will Sue

Jameis Winston's Accuser Will Sue

by Jezebel

In an interview with ABC News, Pat Carroll, the attorney for Jameis Winston's alleged rape victim, said that she "absolutely"… Read More

Geeking Out: Uganda’s Women are Creating the Next Generation of Girl Geeks

Watch Out Silicon Valley, Here Comes the Women of Uganda

by #teamEBONY

If not for a view of the ornate Uganda National Mosque or the sprawling, congested taxi park in the distance, it would be hard to… Read More

 The Female Face of Poverty

The Face of Poverty is a Woman

by The Atlantic

More than 100 million Americans either live near the brink of poverty or churn in and out of it, and nearly 70 percent of these Americans… Read More

‘Blackbird’ and the Wealth of Po’ Black Gays Onscreen<br />

‘Blackbird’ and the Wealth of Po’ Black Gays Onscreen

by Alexander Hardy

I wish you could have seen the pursed lips that stretched into a frown before parting for a deep sigh, right before spilling out… Read More

This Is What Could Close The Achievement Gap Among Young Kids, Study Says

Closing the Preschool Achievement Gap

by Huffington Post

Just a few years of high-quality early childhood education could close the academic achievement gap between low-income and affluent… Read More

Senate moves ahead with measure to extend long-term unemployment benefits

Senate Approves Long-Term Unemployment Extension

by The Washington Post

The Senate voted narrowly Tuesday to move ahead with a measure to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless, despite… Read More

The Smartest Nerd in the Room

Why Melissa Harris-Perry is America's "Smartest Nerd"

by The Atlantic

There is a sense that Romney's grandchild should be off-limits to mockery. That strikes me as fair. It also doesn't strike… Read More

Motion filed to revoke Marissa Alexander's bond

Marissa Alexander's Bond Revoked?

by #teamEBONY

A motion was filed by State Attorney Angela Corey to revoke the bond of Marissa Alexander. As a condition of her release… Read More

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