Why Black Families Should Be Skeptical of Trump’s Education Secretary Pick

by James E. Ford /

The school choice debate has perhaps never been more central to the national conversation than right now. With the NAACP’s recent call for a... Read More


Gun Sales Among Blacks See Increase

by Teryn Payne

An increase in violent incidents directed at people of color since the presidential election has spurred an increase in gun purchases among African-Americans. Gun... Read More

#Fightfor15: Why Hundreds of Workers Are Refusing to Back Down

#Fightfor15: Why Hundreds of Workers Are Refusing to Back Down

by Shantell E. Jamison

Hundreds of fast food workers, Uber drivers, cashiers and those who work in the airport and home health care industries took to the streets... Read More


Accused Charleston Shooter to Represent Self at Murder Trial

by #teamEBONY

A White man accused of fatally shooting nine Black parishioners at a Charleston church last year was allowed to act as his own attorney... Read More


The Legacy of Fidel Castro: A Black Globalist Viewpoint

by Anthony Asadullah Samad

The world is marking the death of clearly one of the most controversial figures in geopolitics of the 20th century. When such figures are mentioned,... Read More


Who Gets to Be African-American? An Academic Question

by Michelle M. Wright

During this year’s presidential campaign, there was no shortage of conversation around race and voting, and political pundits often generalized about groups of voters,... Read More


How Trump Policies Could Affect Policing in Your Community

by Maurice Chammah / The Marshall Project

One of the Obama administration’s most aggressive civil rights tactics — the investigation and forced reform of local police departments — is poised to... Read More

Ben Carson: Obamacare worst thing ‘since slavery’

Ben Carson Offered Position in Trump Cabinet

by #teamEBONY

Update; Ben Carson has accepted the position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, according to a CNN report. “I am thrilled to nominate... Read More


The Alt-Right: White Supremacy By Any Other Name

by LaSha

In sixth grade, I got into a fight with another student at school. The counselor who called my mother to come pick me up wasn’t... Read More

Why Thousands of Women Are Marching on Washington

Why Thousands of Women Are Marching on Washington

by #teamEBONY

Donald Trump’s presidential victory over Hillary Clinton came as a shock to many, and for many minorities—particularly women who opposed his election to the... Read More