In Brooklyn, School Rezoning Plan Reveals Gap Between Classes<br />

In Brooklyn, School Rezoning Plan Reveals Gap Between Classes

by Demetria Irwin

A proposal to move students from an overcrowded but rich school to an undercrowded, but poor school has heightened tensions among parents in the New York borough
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Don Lemon Bill Cosby Rape apology CNN

The Only One to Blame for a Rape Is a Rapist

by Bradford J. Howard

Amidst resurrected allegations of comedian/cultural icon Bill Cosby sexually assaulting yet another of his former female associates… Read More

shad moss bow wow

Bow Wow Barks Back at Tony Rock (and...All Black People?!)

by Michael Arceneaux

Michael Arceneaux, contributor and Master… Read More

university of connecticut uconn

UConn's Dirty Little Race Secret:
AKAs Insulted, University Quiet

by Charles F. Coleman Jr.

While recent national conversation among most Blacks has gone back and forth between when we will learn of the grand jury’s… Read More

Finish Strong

Finish Strong

by Mitzi Miller

The end of the year is a natural time for reflection. It’s a moment when we look back at the highs and lows with an informed perspective that… Read More

 Nixon Announces Ferguson Commission After Declaring State of Emergency

Nixon Announces Ferguson Commission

by Katina Parker

On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon--who has been heavily criticized for his response to the murder of Mike Brown and subsequent… Read More

Facing Race

'Facing Race' and Moving Towards a Better World

by Elizabeth Dawes Gay, MPH

This week, many were disheartened to hear of the killing of 37-year old Read More

african american woman serious

Why Black Men Must Take Responsibility for Ending Street Harassment of Black Women

by Jasson Perez

Despite what some brothers may have you believe, street harassment is not some petty White women's issue that Black men can dismiss… Read More

The Andrew Goodman Foundation Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of Freedom Summer

Andrew Goodman Foundation Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer

by Princess Gabbara

What are you willing to die for? It’s a bold question, but an important one nonetheless. In Andrew Goodman’s case, fighting… Read More

lincoln university pennsylvania

Apology Can't Fix Lincoln President's Rape Comments

by Michael Arceneaux

If you are of a certain age and work in an environment in which the subject of sexual assault has made repeated headlines and you… Read More

101 Days Without Justice for Mike Brown

101 Days Without Justice for Mike Brown

by Taurean Russell

Like most young people these days, checking Twitter is one of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning. In the past few… Read More

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