Lauren Wesley Wilson ColorComm Interview

ColorComm Founder Lauren Wesley Wilson

by Robyn Mowatt

During her stint as a public relations professional, Lauren Wesley Wilson noticed a serious lack of women who looked like her at… Read More

Alison Parker Eric Garner

Death Videos, Grief and Complicated Emotions

by Jamilah Lemieux

Yesterday, we witnessed (some of us, quite literally) a devastating double homicide at a WDBJ-Virginia taping, where a disgruntled… Read More

hurricane katrina damage

[KATRINA 10] How Language Shaped Perception of Katrina and New Orleanians

by Katrina L. Rogers

Yesterday, a panel of New Orleans-based journalists discussed their experiences reporting before, during and after Hurricane Katrina… Read More

Barack Obama mariah carey shawn king

The Race Draft Fails, Again

by Damon Young

We should have seen it coming. All the signs were there. But they fooled us. Bamboozled us. Led us astray. And now it might be too… Read More

hurricane katrina damage

Looking Back, Looking Forward

by Katrina L. Rogers

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, forever changing New Orleans and… Read More

Racial Justice Groups Launch Website Detailing the Neglect of Black New Orleans

'Katrina Truth' Site Details Neglect of Black New Orleans

by Daniel Kerry

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, with New Orleans facing the greatest devastation. More than 1,800 lives… Read More

justice for palestine Christopher Hazou

1,000 Black Activists, Artists, and Scholars Demand Justice for Palestine

by Kristian Davis Bailey and Khury Petersen-Smith

Over 1,000 Black activists, artists, scholars, students, and organizations have launched… Read More

sad black woman

Anti-Abortion Advocates Don't Care About Black People

by Renee Bracey Sherman

Anti-abortion advocates don’t care about Black people. They never have. And frankly, I don’t believe they ever will. I’m… Read More

Cops Forcibly Search Woman's Vagina After Smelling Weed in Her Car

Was a Black Woman Sexually Assaulted by Texas Cops Over Weed?

by Jamilah Lemieux

You ever come across a story so terrible, you try to convince yourself you didn’t actually hear or see it? I will admit that… Read More

ferguson missouri police protests michael brown 1 year later

1-Year-Anniversary of Brown's Death Marked by Police Shooting

by Jamilah Lemieux

Last night, I was attending a concert in St. Louis planned as part of the commemoration of the one-year-anniversary of Mike Brown’s… Read More

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