Columbusing timberland boots khloe kardashian Cara Delevingne Ashley Tisdale

Columbus Smiles Down on the Culture Vultures

by Michael Arceneaux

White people 'discovering' things that everyone else with a mightier melanin count had long already known about is as much… Read More

rand paul national urban league  2014 National Urban League Conference

What Conservatives Are Doing About Criminal Justice Reform
(No, Really!)

by Chelsi P. Henry, Esq.

Current trends show that 1 in 3 Black males can expect to go to prison… Read More

The Society of Fugitives

The Effect Aggressive Policing Has on Black Communities

by The Atlantic

The police, in Goffman’s portrayal in On the Run, are at full-fledged war with residents. They beat up people under… Read More

The LA Times Covers Cornrows, the Hot New Trend for White Ladies

Cornrows, the Hot New Trend for White Women?

by Jezebel

Friends, readers, ladyfolk, I believe we are being trolled. I believe we are being trolled by major newspapers and fashion magazines… Read More

colorism african american light skin dark skin

Black Men and the Stain of Colorism

by Joshua Adams

When I was a sophomore in college, watching The Boondocks with friends was a weekly ritual. After enjoying the satirical… Read More

Poll Shows Big Racial Gap in View of Police

Large Chasm With How Whites, Blacks View Police

by #teamEBONY

Race plays a major role in how Americans view the police, a new poll shows. Four out of every five White voters express… Read More

'I Hope My Son Stays White'

'I Hope My Son Stays White'

by Calvin Hennick

I am a white man, and part of the privilege that comes along with that fact is this: I know, with something bordering on 100 percent certainty, how… Read More

Hey Barneys: Fix Your Racism Problem by Talking to Customers of Color

Barneys Pays Settlement, Still Doesn't Get It

by Jezebel

So Barneys, here's my suggestion: If you're really about the change you're no doubt shooting off press releases around… Read More

White People Are Fine With Laws That Harm Blacks

Proof of Racism Makes Whites...More Racist?

by Slate

It’s disheartening. But, if I can indulge my cynicism for a moment, it’s also not too surprising. From previous research… Read More

James Brown, Whitewashed?

James Brown, Whitewashed?

by Huffington Post

There were several meetings. Eight White men and two White women. Was this a meeting of the Mormon Glee Club? The New White Citizens… Read More

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