Like Rosa Parks, Modern Activists Are Also 'Tired' But Motivated

Like Rosa Parks, Modern Activists Are Also 'Tired' But Motivated

[OP-ED] Sixty years after the 42-year-old seamstress was forcibly removed from a Montgomery, Ala., bus, a new generation is now carrying the torch she passed along [read more]

african american boys

Are You 'Man Enough' to Love Your Brother?

by Joshua Adams

My mother bought my brother and I a basketball rim. It was 2001, and we just moved to a new neighborhood, so she wanted to give us… Read More

Lawrence Otis Graham family

Being Upper-Class Doesn't Protect You From Racism

by The Washington Post

Even though the idea wasn’t fully formed, I somehow assumed that privilege would insulate a person from discrimination. This… Read More


'I Always Thought My Dad Would Go First'

by Damon Young

My parents mortality is something I’d been aware of as long as I’ve been aware of my own. As soon as I realized my parents… Read More

Even You Can't Afford to Be ‘Colorless,’<br />

Even You Can't Afford to Be ‘Colorless,’

by Jamilah Lemieux

I don’t know when exactly Raven-Symoné taped her now-infamous episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now (according… Read More

On the Glorification of the Side Chick

Race, Class, and "Side-Chicks"

by #teamEBONY

Soap operas and primetime dramas have long glamorized the side chicks of powerful White men, making the side chick seem more exciting… Read More

former secretary of state hillary clinton

'Why I’m NOT Ready for Hillary'

by April Reign

President Obama had barely lowered his hand from saying the Oath of Office to begin his second term in January 2013 when the Ready… Read More

reverend osegyefo sekou ferguson missouri michael brown

And the Young Ones Shall Lead Them:
The Ferguson Rebellion and the Crisis in Black Leadership

by Dr. Cornel West and Rev. Osagyefo Sekou

The blood of Michael Brown has seeded the soil of a great American revolution—sprouting… Read More

Thug Kitchen’s Brand Of Technicolor Blackness

Thug Kitchen's Pretend (and Lucrative) "Blackness"

by #teamEBONY

It goes without saying that “thug” is a loaded word, which in our politically correct, post-racial society, has become… Read More

Alexis Templeton 20 year old Ferguson resident

'I've Spent More Time In Jail Than Darren Wilson'

by Alexis Templeton

In an open letter titled, To My People, Assata Shakur… Read More

interracial friends

No White Friends

by Damon Young

Before I get started, I need to write a disclaimer: I am very cool with several White people, a list that includes a few guys I play… Read More

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