Could America Become Mississippi?

As Demographics Change, Whites Get More Conservative

by Slate

As the country's demographics continue to shift, a study finds that Whites are likely to respond to this change by becoming more conservative.  For… Read More

Black Pathology Crowdsourced

History and "Black Pathology"

by The Atlantic

Ta-Nehisi Coates on why historians are needed whenever serious discussions about race in America are held.  More… Read More

african american family

Why Upward Mobility is Difficult for Black Americans

by Slate

Black Americans -- middle-class Blacks included -- are more likely than any other group to be surrounded by poverty.  Among… Read More

Why Whites Support Capital Punishment

Why Whites Support the Death Penalty More than Blacks Do

by Slate

White America's support of the death penalty is largely rooted in a fear of Black people. Our cultural attitudes… Read More

Kobe Bryant Wasn’t Impressed by Miami’s Trayvon Martin Protest

Kobe Bryant's Comments about Race, Trayvon, Stir Controversy

by Colorlines

In a recent New Yorker profile, Kobe Bryant shared his thoughts about race and how it relates to Trayvon Martin.  Setting… Read More

What Stop-and-Frisk Means to the Descendants of Slaves

The Link Between Stop and Frisk and Slavery

by The Atlantic

Stop and frisk, and other policies encouraging racial profiling, is related to the idea that Black people don't deserve equal protection… Read More

Rich Kids Are Soft, Poor Kids Need to Be Toughened Up

Are Black and White Kids Coached Differently?

by Slate

The subject here is coaching and sports. Could much of the same -- how poor Black kids and rich White kids are treated differently --… Read More

breast cancer awareness

Black Women Receive Substandard Breast Cancer Treatment and Care

by Madame Noire

We’ve known for some time that there are racial differences between the way Black women and White women experience breast cancer… Read More

gabourey sidibe

Don't Forget About Gabourey Sidibe

by #teamEBONY

Like most people who have souls, I teared up listening to Lupita Nyong’o's acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress… Read More

richie incognito

Why the NFL's N-Word Ban is Racist

by The Atlantic

The effort to ban the word "nigger" from the NFL is not just, as Richard Sherman smartly points out, borderline racist… Read More

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