Eric Holder: Systemic, Subtle Racism Far Worse Than Rants

Eric Holder: Systematic Racism More Devastating than Rants

by The Root

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke about racism during his commencement speech at Morgan State University.  Subtle… Read More

Recall That Ice Cream Truck Song? We Have Unpleasant News For You

The Racist Roots of the Ice Cream Truck Song

by #teamEBONY

The tune often used as an ice cream truck jingle comes from a song titled "Nigger Love A Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha!" "Nigger… Read More

 The Racial Tensions Lurking Under the Surface of American Society

As America Becomes Less White, Whites Become More Anxious

by The Atlantic

White Americans uneasy with America's shifting demographics.  White born-again Protestants and white southerners… Read More

Racism, Again: Why Drug Tests Are Helping Black Americans Get Jobs

Employer Drug Tests Help Black Workers

by The Atlantic

Drug tests, which prove Blacks and Whites use drugs at the same rate -- countering the stereotype that Blacks use drugs more -- help Black… Read More

the forum inglewood california

Goodbye, Morningside Park:
When Gentrification Comes Stealing

by Teka-Lark Fleming

The single-story narrative of “everyone who is Black is poor” is the basis for most pro-gentrification argument… Read More

 The League of Extraordinary Black Gentlemen

Upper-Class Black Men: The Race Rescuers

by The Atlantic

The Atlantic's Theodore Johnson on the notion that the "talented tenth" are supposed to rescue all Black people from ourselves. This… Read More

Is It Racist to Date Only People of Your Own Race?

Is Only Dating Within Your Own Race Racist?

by Slate

Slate's Reihan Salam writes that a reluctance to date outside your race often reveals deeper prejudices. In… Read More

Will Today’s Hispanics Be Tomorrow’s Whites?

Hispanic is the New...White?

by Slate

The way Hispanics choose to categorize themselves will have a profound effect on America's racial make-up and politics. According… Read More

Could America Become Mississippi?

As Demographics Change, Whites Get More Conservative

by Slate

As the country's demographics continue to shift, a study finds that Whites are likely to respond to this change by becoming more conservative.  For… Read More

Black Pathology Crowdsourced

History and "Black Pathology"

by The Atlantic

Ta-Nehisi Coates on why historians are needed whenever serious discussions about race in America are held.  More… Read More

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