Governor Jeb Bush

'Anchor Baby' Is the New 'Crack Baby'

by N’Kosi Oates

The term “anchor baby” has dominated political conversation this summer, as 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls directly call for an… Read More

EBONY Magazine August 2015 race sells

For White Mags, Race Sells

by Errin Whack

Race has never been covered in more American media outlets than now, but Black life is far from a new subject for the hundreds of… Read More

Lauren Wesley Wilson ColorComm Interview

ColorComm Founder Lauren Wesley Wilson

by Robyn Mowatt

During her stint as a public relations professional, Lauren Wesley Wilson noticed a serious lack of women who looked like her at… Read More

troy sawyer New Orleans Musician Makes the Best of a Horrible Situation

After the Storm, Troy Sawyer Finds the Right Notes

by Katrina L. Rogers

The day before Hurricane Katrina changed New Orleans forever, Troy Sawyer of Troy Sawyer and the Elementz never could have imagined… Read More

Officer Involved Jonathan Ferrell

Mistrial in Trial of Jonathan Ferrell's Killer

by D. Smith

Last Friday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin declared a mistrial after a North Carolina jury attempted to determine the… Read More

hurricane katrina damage

What's Holding Black New Orleans Back? Money

by Katrina L. Rogers

There are many factors that help determine the state of Black New Orleans, but none may be more jarring than the economy. According… Read More

Alison Parker Eric Garner

Death Videos, Grief and Complicated Emotions

by Jamilah Lemieux

Yesterday, we witnessed (some of us, quite literally) a devastating double homicide at a WDBJ-Virginia taping, where a disgruntled… Read More

hurricane katrina damage

[KATRINA 10] How Language Shaped Perception of Katrina and New Orleanians

by Katrina L. Rogers

Yesterday, a panel of New Orleans-based journalists discussed their experiences reporting before, during and after Hurricane Katrina… Read More

Barack Obama mariah carey shawn king

The Race Draft Fails, Again

by Damon Young

We should have seen it coming. All the signs were there. But they fooled us. Bamboozled us. Led us astray. And now it might be too… Read More

Transgender Women of Color Tamara Dominguez  Elisha Maurice Walker

Transgender Women of Color Stand Up Against Murder, Neglect

by #teamEBONY

Transgender women of color are being murdered. Transgender women of color like us are being murdered across these United States… Read More

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