Renisha McBride Verdict Theodore Wafer

From No Arrest to a Guilty Verdict

by dream hampton

When 19-year-old Renisha McBride was shot in the face after knocking on a White man's door in suburban Detroit, I tweeted that… Read More

Wafer Guilty, But Is That Enough?

Wafer Guilty, But Is That Enough?

by Monique W. Morris

Theodore Wafer has been found guilty of killing of 19-year old Renisha McBride. However, the 12 men and women who considered the evidence… Read More

rand paul

You Don't Have the Answers, Rand Paul

by Michael Arceneaux

As a presidential contender, I take Rand Paul about as seriously as I do the idea of Iggy Azalea, professor of African American Studies at Howard… Read More

Austin Texas

Why Are Black People Leaving Austin?

by Mame M. Kwayie

As a hotbed of business innovation with hipster ethos, Austin, Texas, has become more than a stand-out on America’s heat map… Read More

Dream Defenders Bloc Builder

The Dream Defenders Need Your Support Building the 'Bloc'

by Ravelle Worthington

The Dream Defenders, an organization of Black and Brown youth working to bring about social change in their community by training… Read More

Richard Plotts and Dr. Lee Silverman

Doctors with Guns?

by Ryan K. Smith

I’m pretty much against guns in general. I don’t think anyone should have one. I wish so many people didn’t want… Read More

brooklyn woman dragged from apartment NYPD Denise Stewart,

Topless Brooklyn Woman Dragged from Apartment by NYPD

by Ravelle Worthington

Video depicting a 48-year-old Brooklyn woman being dragged from her apartment by police and arrested, following a domestic disturbance… Read More

jumpman 23 history

'I'm a Grown-A** Man, and I Just Bought a Pair of Jordans'

by Damon Young

Hello. My name is Damon Young. I have a new wife, a job (a couple, actually), a dog, a car, and a CVS card. Sh*t, I even have an… Read More

President Barack Obama dad jeans

Were You 'Acting White?' Or Just...Corny?

by Michael Arceneaux

I am not in the business of invalidating anyone’s experiences – particularly if those experiences cause a person a sense… Read More

Harry Belafonte pictured with civil rights legends Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy

Trading Nostalgia for a New Black Activism

by Rudo Mudiwa

It's not hard to understand why some Blacks in America today long for the icons of the past.  The readily available images… Read More

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