Fox News

Fox News Anchor: Network Is Not ‘Fair and Balanced’ to Blacks

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In an emotional press conference, Fox News anchor Kelly Wright outlined his reasons for joining a group of employees of the network in a... Read More

Van Jones

In Brief: Van Jones to Address Morehouse Graduates; Ga., Cops Charged in Beating

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Van Jones to Give Commencement Address at Morehouse CNN commentator Van Jones will be on hand at Morehouse College to deliver the address at... Read More


Trump Reverses Obama Monument Protections, But Could Black Sites Be Affected?

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President Trump has decided to switch from the border wall to taking down the political wall that protects America’s national treasures. But does that mean... Read More

Marshawn Lynch

Couldn’t Stay Away: Marshawn Lynch Set to Return to NFL

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Pending a deal being completely worked out, as well as a physical, former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will be coming out of retirement... Read More


Did Milwaukee Jail Staffers Allow an Inmate to Die of Dehydration?

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The staff of the Milwaukee County Jail is being blamed by prosecutors for allowing a 38-year-old inmate with bipolar disorder to sit in a... Read More

Bill Cosby’s Daughter Claps Back at Media Over Dad’s ‘Public Persecution’

Bill Cosby’s Daughter Claps Back at Media Over Dad’s ‘Public Persecution’

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Bill Cosby’s youngest daughter lashed out in defense of her famous dad in a passionate Facebook post. Evin Cosby defended her father on his... Read More


Chicago Principal Creates Model for Educating Black Boys

by Marilyn Anderson Rhames / Education Post

Christopher Goins is the founding principal of Butler College Prep, a four-year-old charter high school on the far South Side of Chicago with a... Read More


In Brief: D.C. Has Biggest Black Homeowner Jump; Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush May Buy Marlins

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Washington D.C. Sees Largest 15-Year Increase in Black Homeownership Although African-American homeownership has been shown to have dropped to historic lows recently, Washington D.C.... Read More

Tamir RIce

Tamir Rice Case: Officers Describe Shooting in Newly Released Videos

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One officer said he thought he was going to die. The other said he didn’t know it was a kid. Both are two cops who have... Read More


Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Order

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On Tuesday, San Francisco and its Silicon Valley neighbor, Santa Clara County, both won preliminary injunctions blocking the Jan. 25 “sanctuary cities” executive order... Read More