Black ‘Bachelorette’ Says Journey for Love ‘No Different’ Than Past Contestants

Black ‘Bachelorette’ Says Journey for Love ‘No Different’ Than Past Contestants

by #teamEBONY

In the entire history of ABC’s The Bachelorette, there has never been a woman of color in the choosing seat. Until now. Rachel Lindsay made history... Read More

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School

Braids Go Against This Charter School’s Dress Code

by Brittany Fennell

Black students at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, Mass. have been facing punishment for wearing braids, according to reports. Read More


Republican Senator Removed As Commencement Speaker at TSU

by #teamEBONY

The petition included the stances Senator Cornyn has taken which include confirmation votes in favor of AG Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, opposing funding for sanctuary cities to protect immigrants and supporting photo IDs for voting. Read More

Black Women Gun Ownership

Why Are Black Women Buying So Many Guns?

by #teamEBONY

Women protecting themselves against potential dangers is always something to think about and consider when you're going out or if you're in an unfamiliar environment. Read More

82 Nigerian Girls

Remaining 82 Nigerian Girls Abducted by Boko Haram Now Free

by Brittany Fennell

The remaining 82 have been freed in exchange for detained suspects. This was the largest release negotiated by the Nigerian government. Read More

hbcus trump

Will HBCUs Get the Proper Funding Under the Trump Administration?

by Brittany Fennell

Remember back in February when President Trump met with dozens of Presidents from historically Black colleges and universities where he signed an executive order benefiting the institutions. It's possible things may have changed since then. Read More

dominican republic haiti deportation

Will 50,000 Haitians Be Sent Home by the Trump Administration?

by Brittney Fennell

The current Temporary Protected Status will expire on July 22 and the fate of 50, 000 Haitians rest in the hands of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Read More

Dear White People: Watch What You Say Because We’re Listening

Dear White People: Watch What You Say Because We’re Listening

by Shantell E. Jamison

Mama always told me to watch what I say. Words are powerful, and the last thing you want to do is unintentionally offend someone.... Read More

Director/filmmaker Justin Simien dear white people netflix

EBONY Sits Down with ‘Dear White People’ Director Justin Simien

by Diahann Williams

April 28th is a big day for Justin Simien, as his original film 'Dear White People' will be releasing an extending series on Netflix. Talks of boycott couldn't shut this man down. Read More

dear white people netflix Antoinette Robertson Logan Browning Brandon Bell

A Chat With the Cast of Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’

by Diahann Williams

Sundance fan favorite 'Dear White People' is extending its message with a new Netflix series on April 28th. We sat down with a few cast members to discuss their characters, politics and more. Read More