Remembering Terry Glover

Remembering Terry Glover

The EBONY team pays tribute to the magazine's managing editor, who passed away in December following a long illness


by #teamEBONY, February 06, 2013

Remembering Terry Glover

a place at the table. Her pan was a pen, her heat source was passion, her knife was that razor-sharp wit. You could count on her to stir up ideas, boil down the problem, sift through bland copy and let brilliance filter through.  

As a manager, she knew when to scramble, when to chill and, yes, when to whip. When deadlines fired up the pressure cooker, tensions simmered and egos flared, Terry could stand the heat in that kitchen—but she’d also open a window and let the rest of us breathe.   

In lighter moments, her friendship was warm, her authenticity refreshing and her demeanor sweet. Her laughter was robust and deliciously conspiratorial. To drink in her spirit was to savor a moment of grace. Though we hunger for your presence, Terry, we remain nourished.

-Claire McIntosh

I met Terry more than 20 years ago. We liked each other instantly, and shortly thereafter, I recommended her for a position at the magazine where I worked, which she got. She returned the favor twice: EBONY was the third magazine we worked on together. She was incredibly smart, funny, loving, talented, as beautiful inside as she was outside and as cool as could be. We were great friends and colleagues. Sister Terry Louise: It’s tears in my eyes. Much luv.

-Rema Louise Smith

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