Roland Martin's Big Twitter #FAIL Can Become a Win
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are people reading this now wondering 'What violence?', as the threshold for violence is so high that even the idea of smacking "the ish out of" someone hardly registers (in an ironic twist, Martin considers cursing offensive, hence the "ish"). It’s also worth noting that the timing of Martin’s “joke” is made even more troublesome as it was immediately followed by a viral video of a Black gay man being brutally beaten in Atlanta.

As a community, we must continue to press for a culture free of hypocrisy and condemnation. And we have to press for sensitivity from our community leaders, within our churches and where ever there is gay bashing. The idea that sexists or homophobes can never be oppressors because they themselves are oppressed by racism is a non-argument. Black homophobes should and must be called out to create a safe community for all us sinners. 

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