Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson Makes Colorful Pro-Obama Ad

The popular actor tells viewers to "Wake the f*** up!" and addresses hot button issues in a nursery rhyme-style

by #teamEBONY, September 28, 2012

Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson is back at it again. The record-breaking actor lent his voice to one of the latest pro-Obama ads, teaming up with a Jewish political organization to raise more support for the commander-in-chief. "Wake the f*** up!" said Jackson throughout the video, referring to his hugely popular reading of Go the F*** To Sleep, deemed a "children's book for adults." 

In the ad, Jackson reads in a nursery rhyme-style manner that slams republicans, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. He also addresses hot button issues such as war, student loans, women's health, voter suppression, the DREAM act, and gay marriage. "You can sleep when you're dead," concluded the actor. 

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