The Curious Case of Edward Manigo

The Curious Case of Edward Manigo

The former Penn State football staffer spoke up against accused sex offender Jerry Sandusky...and was then accused of rape himself

The Loop 21

by The Loop 21, June 06, 2012

The Curious Case of Edward Manigo

From racial invective to rape charges.

was arrested again, this time for the attempted rape of an 80-year-old woman on a bus in State College. “I never rode a bus in State College. I got four cars. What would I be doing riding on a bus?” he remembers saying. The new judge raised his bail and put him back in prison, despite the fact that the woman had dropped the charges.

…And Again

While in prison, a third charge of rape was leveled against him. He was transferred to another county, where the crime had allegedly taken place. Manigo says he had no idea where the charges were coming from. “Now I’m thinking, wait a minute here. Why is it all of a sudden these cases are coming up on me? What did I do? I told my attorney, there’s a cover up here. There’s something going on here. It all started when I started reporting about the incidents with Sandusky,” he says.

Now he was juggling two rape cases. After refusing a plea bargain, he went to trial for the last charge, which alleged that he had raped the daughter of a Penn State employee. He was found innocent of the crime. He wasn’t so lucky in his battle with the first charge. After the judge denied him the right to discovery and a change of attorney, he went before the court without representation and was sentenced to 15 years.


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