The Media's Gabby Douglas Problem

The Media's Gabby Douglas Problem

[OPINION] T.F. Charlton says that reports about the gold medalist's hair and family speak to a greater issue with Black female excellence

T.F. Charlton

by T.F. Charlton, August 08, 2012

The Media's Gabby Douglas Problem

Gabby Douglas

Photo courtesy of Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

poverty to achieve their Olympic dreams. Media erasure of swimmer Cullen Jones, the latest "controversy" over Serena Williams' celebratory crip-walk, and sexist attacks on Lolo Jones are just the most recent examples of how Black athletes at the top of their game are never allowed to simply be great.

But instead of talking about this, we're talking about hair, and as a result, the much more significant story of Black girls and women celebrating Gabby and pushing back on racism and sexism in the coverage of her has been lost.

T.F. Charlton is the social media manager for Barnacle Studios and a Boston-based freelance writer. Her work has been featured in Alternet, Racialicious, and Dominion of New York. Follow her on twitter at @graceishuman.

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